World Soccer Strikers

World Soccer Strikers is all about free kicks and yes, it's going to get you the World Cup!

Choose your favorite team, dive into the heart of the action and climb your way to the top, beating iconic adversaries and of course, clinch the World Champion title.

Or step into the Endless mode and score goals non-stop to become the highest goal scorer of the tournament!

Unlock spectacular power-ups for your striker and up your game with every goal that you score.

There is also the bonus game sessions to score a string of goals back-to-back with multiple soccer balls spread out on the field.

There is something for every kind of soccer lover in World Soccer Strikers!

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Key Features
  • Two game modes: World Championship and Endless.
  • Power-ups to improve the power, aim and size of the striker.
  • Bonus games with multiple soccer balls on the field.
  • Defenders to increase the level of difficulty.
  • Offline earnings.