The Last Ninja

Crack your knuckles, sharpen your shurikens and gear up for an insanely-awesome, high-scoring game. You are the Last Ninja, the last line of defense between the ruthless BarBirdians and the only surviving frog village in the realm. Use your slingshot, along with a wide range of fantastic power-ups and incredible boosters to slice each and every BarBirdian which dares to attack the frog castle. When you fall, the village and the castle falls with you. The stakes couldn’t get higher than this! 

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Key Features
  • Collect eggs to open Egg Chests which reward you with power-ups, boosters and upgrades.
  • Unlock 10 different types of Egg Chests to collect your rewards
  • Load up your arsenal with up to 13 power-ups and 5 boosters.
  • Upgrade power-ups and boosters to vanquish all kinds of BarBirdians coming your way.
  • Challenge friends to beat your record-breaking high score.
  • Claim up to 25 Achievements and engage in unlimited missions.
  • Immerse yourself in the competitive challenges and bring home special rewards.
  • Rake in huge bonus rewards in every hour of every day.
  • Cut and slice your way to the top of global leaderboard.
  • Play online, play offline and play on multiple devices. Nothing will stop you from the role of being the guardian of the frog clans.